Spool’s Out Radio #152: Late-Year Cul-De-Sac

2018 won’t let up. The postman keeps piling cassettes through the letterbox. The binman keeps stamping piles of cardboard packaging into piles of recycled matter. The ideas keep flowing, and the buzz of the hive mind still makes little sense. Aptly, this week’s selection of tapes blends freak out noise and weirdo pop with conceptual art and bacchanal beats. Happy Movember.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

  1. Competition – cul de sac (Slip)
  2. Paula Matthusen and Olivia Valentine – VII 07_21_16, 4_38 pm, Steuben, WI (real-time [insects, birds, bobbins, feedback]) (Carrier Records)
  3. Energy ☆ – ~ (GALTTA)
  4. Langham Research Centre – Gateshead Multi-storey Car Park (Econore)
  5. Metoronori メトロノリ – Good Morning, Night (Orange Milk)
  6. In The Abyssity Of The GroundsImprovisation 2 (Feathered Coyote)
  7. Purelle – Gotta Have It! (GALTTA)
  8. QarafaTape I, SIDE B
  9. Patrick Shiroishi – Grasshopper Tactics (Fort Evil Fruit)
  10. FACS – Acteurs Inversion, Side One
  11. The Casual Sexists – Strange Motives
  12. sofheso – 0104 (First Terrace)
  13. Robotboot – Bio (Aerozine50)

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