LISTEN: Sabiwa’s second mixtape is an electronic funeral


Dipping deeper into a bizarre soundworld of animalistic vocals and minimal thudding dubstep, Taiwanese artist Sabiwa presents her second mixtape: 輪迴 (‘reincarnation’). The artist sees this music as something of a digital funeral; a dirge for the death and rebirth of her music. Check out an exclusive stream provided by the mighty Chinabot below:

Sabiwa‘s own automaton narration guides the bass thuds and heavy beats of 輪迴 forward.  She machetes her sound like an overzealous mortician, issuing 12 brief tracks of noisy convoluted narratives. “I am Sabiwa,” she declares on track 3. “I was a jellyfish.”

While her voice sits very much at the heart of the action, the array of textures on display over 33 busy minutes is impressive. This sonic meeting point of digital madness, traditional folk musics, and high-energy performative drama seems to be becoming something of a Chinabot signature.

Sabiwa 1

“It’s basically about the circle of life,” says Sabiwa. “With this album I left my previous form to transform into something new. It’s like jumping into the void and not knowing what will be next.”

Go to Chinabot’s Bandcamp page to order yours… and why not check out an interview I did with the label’s founder Lafidki for Bandcamp Daily last year…


ALSO, here‘s a teaser for an upcoming Chinabot gig at London‘s Cafe Oto, featuring Sabiwa!


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