Spool’s Out Radio #153: Qualchan.

Qualchan. is a multi-disciplinary artist hailing from Cascadia. In the grand tradition of purple chicha & the exotiste series, he presents sailing through a sea of sand, a brief excursion through screwed gialli. Sandwiched between your usual dose of handpicked cassette tape releases…

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

  1. UNKNOWN ME – Brazilian Space Agency (Not Not Fun)
  2. Rhucle – Term (Constellation Tatsu)
  3. Sabiwa – Jia (Chinabot)

Qualchan. presents: sailing through a sea of sand

  1. lesiman ~ moto centripeto
  2. stelvio cipriani ~ mary’s theme
  3. steffano torossi ~ running fast
  4. lee selmoco orchestra ~ blue media
  5. ennio morricone ~ beat #3
  6. piero piccioni ~ love
  7. franco micalizzi ~ robert’s theme
  8. gianni oddi ~ dreaming
  9. gianni marchetti ~ l’angelo per il general


  1. Bad@Maths – 2 LEVIN B w/ Dodgelodge – Gravey MILKS TOI TRUTH (Slip)
  2. Donald McPherson and Tetuzi Akiyama – Part Three (God In The Music)

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