LISTEN: homebuilt electronics from Jano Doe

It’s not secret that Spool’s Out ❤’s Genot Centre, and the illustrious tape imprint from Prague just keeps on giving the goods. At the end of a year featuring all manner of fringe electronics, visionary futurism, and gloopy digiscapes, Genot’s latest, co -released with fellow Praguers Meteorismo, is a red raw trip into home-built voltage-driven noises…


Jano Doe (aka Katarína Gatialová) assembles her own electronics to open up pathways into extreme frequencies and volumes. The sounds emanating from her blend of custom-built modules and vintage synths challenge the perceptions of the human ear, simultaneously bobbing along and screeching triumphantly. Check out Katarína and her gear (also – spot the gherkins):


With that in mind, enjoy the exclusive first listen to Jana Doe’s new Genot tape, Duranzie, found above on this page. A first side of shorter explorations into discrete sonic extremes – such as the ear-piercing highs on ‘Stánky’ (stands) or the aural strobing of ‘Holubí dům’ (pigeonhouse) – finally gives way to a sidelong trip deep on side two. The 25-minute colossus ‘Balíček karet’ (house of cards) unfolds from a single tone into bursting follicles of firing out the deepest of tones right into the cosmos.


According to Genot Centre, Jano Doe’s music is “defined by inversions, creating the notion that the instrument is controlling the instrumentalist and where the formally sonorous becomes a representation of electrical, physical phenomena even before it is sound.” Duranzie flies dangerously close to chaos throughout, but never stumbles into the icarian; Jano Doe’s precarious enclosed systems always managing to right themselves into “fragile equilibria”.


Like always for Genot and crew, the limited edition of a mere 55 pro-dubbed tapes comes with stellar artwork. The beautiful design is courtesy of Dieter Durinck, photos by Václav Tvarůžka.


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