Spool’s Out Radio #155: Topographical Tapes ’18

The tape-o-sphere offered up so much to be obsessed with in 2018, but few trends bled into my subconscious like the adoption of field recordings and topographical sound art by the community. It’s come up in recent shows with the likes of Carlo Giustini, but this week’s episode is dedicated to some of 2018’s best so-called ‘topographical tapes’.

Besides field recordings from Sydney, Alicante, and Constanta we’ve got musical reflections on the American west, the up-close sound of wind, Jon Collin improvising in a courtyard in Ulm, plus plenty more.

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DepatterningWhat Came from Uranium City (Analogue Chat)
Haram TapesHouse of Images, Marrakech
Langham Research CouncilGateshead Multi-storey Car Park (Econore)
Andrew DR AbbottWhatstandwell (Bloxham Tapes)
MP HopkinsAeroplanes & Puddles, part 1 (mappa)
Patrick ShiroishiBe a Lion, I Will Still Be Water (Fort Evil Fruit)
R. SchwarzWind 7 (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)
Chris KallmyerGreat Basin (Soap Library)
la plimbarepluta pe spate (ACR)
Jon CollinLive External: Ulm (Fort Evil Fruit)


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