Spool’s Out Radio #156: No Rent Year End Mixdown

Hailing from Philadelphia, No Rent is one of the finest tape labels currently in existence. No Rent’s Rosie is on board this week to summarize 2018 with an hour of picks from a busy year issuing cassettes from all ends of the fringe spectrum. This one’s a killer intro to a tape label you should really know intimately…

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Swoosh – “Hey, Kain” from Nice Things


Soaplands – “Seratonin Jacuzzi Lust” from S/T
Gnawed – Excerpt from Side A of Ruin
Brandon Lopez – Excerpt from “This Land is Your Land” from Church of Plenty, Empty
Dino Spiluttini – “Forever #17” from Forever
Spoils & Relics – Excerpt from Side B of Tarry
Hum of the Druid – “I require disruption” from A Strange Export
Noise Nomads – Excerpt from Side B of Palpable Menace
FFH- “A Failure of Will” from Zyklon and Leather
Amanda R Howland – Excerpt from Side B of Spider, Milk, Batshit, Silence
Cold Electric Fire – “Process One” from The Alchemist: The Complete Recordings of Cold Electric Fire
Collin McKelvey – Excerpt from “The Metamorphoses; I Was Supposed to be a Bird” from The Golden Ass
Vanessa Rossetto – “Radiant Green” from Fashion Tape
Shea Stevenson – Excerpt from Side B of Downcycle
Deterge – “A Necessary Cost” from One for the Gipper
Muyassar Kurdi – Excerpt from “I’ve been here before” from Travelling
Church Shuttle – “Savage Three” from Mind of a Savage
Lady Shame – Excerpt from “Deep Inside” on Problem Child II
Vertonen – Excerpt from Side A of Hostage Exchange
Jason Crumer – Excerpt from “Where Were You” on Ottoman Black
Fecalove – Excerpt from “Extreme Third Eye Prolapse” on Anal Lobotomy
Total Mom – “Scared of the Internet” on We fed the pig my music
Peter J Woods – Excerpt from “The Crusader” on The Illusory Hope
Koufar- Excerpt from “Swing on Sight” from My Name is My Name
Howard Stelzer – Excerpt from “Dressed in Heavenly Blue” on A Strange Object Covered With Fur Which Breaks Your Heart
Obsidian Needles – Excerpt from “Penelope” on Coronal Mass Ejection
Apologist – “Crybaby” from Houston
Radboud Mens – Excerpt from Side A of The Ambiguity of an Apparently Static Phenomenon
Forest Management – “Untitled 4” on Biqui
Carlo Giustini – Excerpt from “Solo Stipite Della Porte” on Non Uscire
Kjostad – “Carved By Time I” from Glacial Lake
Buck Young – “Murdoch” from Proud Trash Sound



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