Spool’s Out Radio #157: Eoin Murray

We open up a new year of digging into new music released on tape with a guest selection of cassette tape tunes picked my music journalist Eoin Murray. Eoin’s written for the likes of DJ Mag, The Quietus, The Thin Air, and others. This week’s show’s a fine hour of unfurling zones, easing us into another undoubtedly rocky year…thanks Eoin!

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Cera Khin & Ossia – Heavy Feet Heavy Eyes [Lazy Tapes]
Static. – Light [Moot Tapes]
Lee Kelly – Our Place In Time [wherethetimegoes]
The Cyclist – Cologne Halls [100% Silk]
T-F-T – Citalo
Liu Chang – Headstrong [Doubt & Uncertainty]
A Taut Line – Hatsudai [Diskotopia]
Machine Woman – A machine that is trapped in the Frankfurt’s [MMODEMM]
L/F/D/M – Midlife [Always Human Tapes]
Lee Kelly – Disjointed Love [wherethetimegoes]
c_c – niebla 2 [zamzamrec]
300 Degrees – Vapourize [YIELD]
Dotson – Traynor [Already Dead Tapes and Records]
La Bile – A1. La Flexion du Tibia [Tripalium Corp]
Pepper Mill Rondo – Subscribe or Die [Hausu Mountain Records]
Laura Luna Castillo – Moskstraumen [Genot Centre]
Lunaria – Water Mind (excerpt) [ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ]
Brian McNamara – Aran Tides Side B (excerpt)


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