Spool’s Out Radio #158: Life After Cold Storage

Time to rise out of the ooze and ashes, and make something fucking beautiful again… This week sees 2019’s tape catalogue already off to a killer start – plus we dedicate a bit of time to forgotten gems from 2018. JIO’s introverted future pop kicks things off, followed by Adderall Canyonly heading into newly psychedelic territory. Other highlights include a first listen to upcoming releases by Graham Dunning and Sam Underwood’s Mammoth Beat Organ, followed by Moroccan Gnawa trance, Iranian avant-noise, and Yanks dueling acoustic guitars…

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

JIOLife After Love (Quiet Time)
Adderall CanyonlyRadio DNR (Sleep FUSE)
Jeremy YoungII (For Trumpet and Guitar) (Neologist Productions)
Adrian KnightVacation Man (GALTTA)
HowesCold Storage, A.04 (Cong Burn)
Dunning & UnderwoodSong for Chimney Stacks (Front & Follow)
Houssam GaniaMosawi Swiri (Hive Mind Records)
9T AntiopeNocebo (A), excerpt (PTP)
Polonius – Hunter’s Luck Theme (Artetetra)
New Hard Folk –  The Wagoneers Lad (Unifactor)


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