LISTEN: word cut-ups and drone from Beachers

Language Shapes The View is the new cassette from Beachers (London-based producer, Daryl Worthington). Speech and communication – or their break down – are the inspiration for the tracks here. Mumbly vocal samples are used throughout, arbitrarily cut, or intentionally brief; taken out of context, then layered on top of each other so the intended meaning is lost.

Check out this exclusive first listen stream below:

Musically, it relies heavily on loops, drones and echoes. A reference to the terminology used to describe communication (or its breakdown) in recent years: echo chambers, feedback loops, etc. This one out 18th March via Glaswegian imprint FRM-AT shows Beachers going deeper into his conceptually bent recent works, following up nicely from his last killer release on Czaszka Records.


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