LISTEN: ice_eyes’ electrifying anorgasmia

iceeyes01_photo_Fanis Logothetis.jpg

Athens-based duo ice_eyes are a distinct voice in the abstract electronics scene emerging from the Greek capital. We’ve nabbed a chance for you to check out their newest release – Individual Drops out soon on cassette/digital via Genot Centre – and it’s the best example yet of the duo’s decode and re-encode abstractions of electronic sounds, twisted without ever venturing too far from the dancefloor; hovering in anorgasmic inbetween space. Here, have a stream:

The tape features five new tracks of stuttering electronics buoyed by bass throb and post-rave riddims, with remixes of all five tracks inverting the productions yet again on the flipside. Remixers include algorave maestro Renick Bell and Quantum Natives’ Benelux Energy.


The duo see Individual Drops as “focusing on new evolving sonic material from a more microscopic point of view,” and see the work as “a guidebook to an overall fragmented picture.” The track titles also seem to contain references to Greek concepts and mythology, such as the confined space signified by the term, khoros, or the the ancient ship the argo. Here’s what the duo had to say of the release:

“Arcadia, as a metaphor for utopia, is always present at the background of this image, holding all parts together, like an anchor in a turbulent sea, resembling the Argo floating on angry waters. Space or Khoros is a variable of time ranging from small to large places, – but not in a paternal way. Granular synthesis is at its core, forming each sound in a discrete way, like a drop of rain falling in a pit of clear water.”


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