Spool’s Out Radio #165: RXM Reality

RXM Reality – the Chicago-based purveyor or wild synths and percussion stabs on Hausu Mountain’s latest killer tape – takes the reigns for over half of today’s show. The guest mix is as erratic and brainmelting as you’d hope.  I pick the cassette-tapey entrée and dessert this week too, including math-jazz from Carey, and a first listen to experimental sound artist/composer Cyanching’s stirring piece about the formation of her Taiwanese homeland.

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CareyYou Never Answered Our Question
Új BálaÁrtatlan Játéknak Indult Az Egész

RXM Reality Spool’s Out Guest Mix!!!:

Visible Cloaks – Winter Green
Wiley – Ice Rink (instrumental)
YYU – teu
Walton – City of God
RXM Reality – The Enabler
Sicko Mobb – All The Thotz
DJ Freak – 4 To The Floor
Steve Roach – Structures From Silence
Whitehouse – Cruise (Aphex Twin Edit)
Khaki Blazer – Gabby
Tapes – Persian Pulsewidth
King Midas Sound – I Ma
Danny Weed & Wiley – Thai Weed (Devils Mix)
Tom & Jerry – Till The Morning
RXM Reality – (untitled)
Sd Laika – Gutter Vibrations
YYU – e e e e
Proc Fiscal – Bad Mind
Tha Pope – Jungle Juke
Yamasuki Singers – Yamasuki
Iberia – Everyday
RXM Reality – Cellphone
Unknown Artist – 1, 2, Freddys Coming for You
Babyfather – Snm (feat. Arca)
RXM Reality – (Untitled)
JME – Tottenham
Cornelius – Fantasma
Mr. Fingers – Spy (kode9 Remix)
Sicko Mobb – Double Cup
DJ Deeon – Shouts
Arca – Umbilical
Cornelius – ToughDAF
Mick Gordon – Demigod
Drexciya – Beyond the Abyss
Mick Gordon – Biowaves

All Cats Are BeautifulTiny Pinpricks Of U
CyanchingEstablishment of the State of Taiwan I Fermentation


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