Spool’s Out Radio #170: Dedicated To The Retail Workers

This week’s episode was planned as a socialist celebration with London-based oddballs, I Know I’m An Alien. Now though, we find ourselves in lockdown and quarantine, relying on the workers who risk not socially distancing themselves, and are manning the decks at supermarkets the world over. This episode of music released on tape is dedicated solely to them.

Featuring an exclusive ‘TAPE MANIFESTO’ by I Know I’m An Alien

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

I Know I’m An AlienCustomers First Interlude (Crass Lips)
I Know I’m An AlienSlave Planet (Crass Lips)
cKeenerOnly One Left (When She Goes) (Them There Records)
Dale CornishNag (Vanity Publishing)
Jachna/Ziołek/BuhlSpirituals (Pawlacz Perski)
I Know I’m An Alien – Tape Manifesto
Self HelpEXERCISE NUMBER 1 (Tesla Tapes)
Cameron / Carter / Håker FlatenTraveling Spaceways (Astral Spirits)
Home BakerStages (Oxtail Recordings)
I Know I’m An AlienLet’s Go To The Mall (Crass Lips)


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