Spool’s Out Radio #171: Fe2O3 April20 Mixtape

Recorded direct to tape at home an mixed using two Tascam Porta02, one Technics RS-4 and one Technics RS-B505, this week’s music comprises a big fat overlapping mix of sounds from deep in the cassette-o-sphere. What better time to deploy four tape players in your mixing setup than during a global pandemic? Behind the controls is none other than Fe203, a Format Junkie, Analogue Enthusiast, and Spool’s Out Radio Alumnus.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

ARSURA – Figures/Disfigured – Ekar Records & workin’ klass noize
Ataxy – When The Lightning Falls – Faint
Organ of Species – Random Selection – Notice Recordings
Euclid – Crippled Syntax – Ecstatic Recordings
Prophets – Reveal, Accept, Remember, Forget – Discrepant
DÖD – Arbetets Ära – Opal Tapes
Deathcount in Silicon Valley – Acheron – Extreme Ultimate
YAWS – Ideal Scenery – workin’ klass noize
BEK – II – Discrepant



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