Spool’s Out Radio #172: Lauren Doss

Spool’s Out is back from a summer of semi-lockdown awkwardness and lonesome walkman listens with a beautiful show featuring a live session from vocal looping master and dancer Lauren Doss. The London-based artist’s debut tape Voices dropped earlier this year, embellishing simple layers of voice with a rare sense of physicality and emotional decadence. This live session recorded during the lockdown period is an incredible example of Lauren’s potent practice.

Also featured this week – Poland’s WIDT stretch out into new projects, plus some prime cuts of 2020 hip-hop and ambience.

email // tristan@spools-out.com
tweet // @SplsOut

Amani + King Vision Ultra – A Not So Fruitful Wealth
The Incidental Crack – We All Feel Happier Now
Elixir Terrace – Untitled (8)
Antonina Nowacka – 5
Lauren Doss Live!! Session!
Mentos Gulgendo – Cara di langit


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