LISTEN: Euglossine builds agony from Blue Marble

Forthcoming on the mighty Genot Centre comes the latest opus from Floridian electronic maestro, Euglossine. Like the biodomes of Silent Running, Tristan Whitehill is building ambient ecosystems as Euglossine, built from a biological syntax all his own to form something close to his own virtual paradise.

“Percussive, bouncy particle systems, ornamentalized alien flute motifs, carefully strummed guitar tapestries all figure in a whole that has the outward lightness of a breath of air, the depth of a thought taken to its conclusion and the inner congruence of a small universe conceptualized.”

– taken from Genot Centre’s press release

Titled Blue Marble Agony, you dear Spool’s Out reader/listener/tapehead are being treated to an advanced virtual stream of this stellar package of electronic escapism, featuring beautiful design (as always) from Lenka Glisníková & h5io6i54k.

Order today via Genot Centre


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